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Halio smart-tinting glass is so advanced that windows start tinting within seconds to provide shade and glare relief. Whether it’s a window, skylight, or partition, Halio allows you to precisely control how much natural light to let through. Halio is fully programmable to tune with your personal preferences.

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Look forward to living in homes that nurture and continually re-energize us…to sleeping soundly in darkened rooms and waking refreshed as we gradually greet the sun…to working in inspiring offices where we can gaze out the window, fuel our imaginations, and be our most creative…to windows that keep us connected to the outside world. All day long. This is the future that is upon us right now. This is Halio smart-tinting glass.

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Embrace Challenges And Prepare For Obstacles To Achieve Success

When Anna Brunelle, CFO of Hayward, Calif.-based Kinestral Technologies, which makes "smart glass" for buildings and conference rooms that can shift from clear to dark in three minutes, joined the firm a year ago, she knew the relatively young company needed leadership from her to help it raise capital. That wouldn't be easy, but she was driven to help the firm accomplish its goals.

Kinestral’s Halio Smart-Tinting Glass Passes ASTM E2141 Durability Testing

Kinestral Technologies Inc.’s Halio smart-tinting glass product has passed the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL) testing procedures according to the ASTM E2141-06 test methodology required to meet the ASTM E2953 standard for electrochromic product durability. According to the company, it’s the only next-generation electrochromic technology to meet this standard.

Katerra Introduces Expansive Suite of New Products at Katerra TAKE OFF

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 19, 2019 -- Katerra, a technology company redefining the construction industry, has unveiled a suite of new products designed to create efficiency and reduce cost at each phase of the design and building process.


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