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Halio smart-tinting glass is so advanced that windows start tinting within seconds to provide shade and glare relief. Whether it’s a window, skylight, or partition, Halio allows you to precisely control how much natural light to let through. Halio is fully programmable to tune with your personal preferences.

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Look forward to living in homes that nurture and continually re-energize us…to sleeping soundly in darkened rooms and waking refreshed as we gradually greet the sun…to working in inspiring offices where we can gaze out the window, fuel our imaginations, and be our most creative…to windows that keep us connected to the outside world. All day long. This is the future that is upon us right now. This is Halio smart-tinting glass.

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Katerra to Integrate Kinestral’s Halio Smart-Tinting Glass Into Its Smart Buildings

Hayward, Calif.–based Kinestral Technologies announced on Wednesday that its Halio Smart-Tinting Glass will be integrated into Menlo Park, Calif.–based tech and construction company Katerra's smart homes and buildings. According to a Kinestral press release, this partnership will introduce and integrate Halio to Katerra's building management system and will eventually reduce costs associated with the product's manufacturing and sales for Kinestral's partners and customers.

Kinestral’s Halio Smart-Tinting Glass Selected for Integration into Katerra Smart Homes & Buildings

HAYWARD, Calif.–September 12, 2018–Kinestral Technologies today announced that its Halio™ smart-tinting glass has been selected for integration into smart homes and buildings by Katerra, a technology company providing end-to-end building services. The partnership will see the integration of Halio into Katerra’s building management systems...

Halio Smart-Tinting Glass by Kinestral Technologies

A joint venture between Kinestral Technologies and AGC, Halio Smart-tinting Glass begins darkening within 15 seconds and reaches its ultimate tint in under three minutes. When clear, Halio delivers a visual light transmission value of 65% and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.51.


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"I sit right by a Halio window, so I know from experience how cool it is, so it’s very exciting to be part of the company that created it. I also love working with so many bright minds." - Natalie

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