Service & Support

24/7 Monitoring

The responsiveness of Halio smart-tinting glass would not be possible without the ability to precisely know what state each window is in. Every piece of Halio glass that is installed includes the ability to measure its exact tint level and status. This provides powerful information to the system and to you as the building owner.

Healthy windows. Happy life.

Window performance is monitored in real-time. You’ll receive an immediate alert in the case of breakage, an emergency, or other incidental occurrences that require attention.

No Sweat Service Guarantee

Halio offers a comprehensive service program, giving customers the best support for smart glass in the industry.

  • Industry standard warranty of 10 years on glass
  • 5 year warranty on electronic components with an option for an additional 5 years
  • Industry-leading automation services
  • Automatic system and device software updates to ensure Halio has the latest feature enhancements
  • Hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) model ensures that you have the latest hardware with the latest system software to protect against future internet security threats as well as support emerging
  • Halio features for learning and prediction
  • 1-year fine-tuning of system components
  • Support response time within 4 hours
  • Annual onsite tune-ups ensuring the system is operating at peak performance.
  • Annual training for facility managers and occupants
Lifetime Customer Support

Customer Support provides a hassle-free experience for facility operations and users. Throughout the entire process from design to build and after, we’re available to address any issues or questions that may arise.

  • Automatic system software updates automatically update system and device software for your peace of mind.
  • Email, chat & phone support for building managers; 24/7 access to online tutorials, FAQ, etc.
  • Proactive diagnostics via remote systems help avoid issues ahead of time before affecting occupants.
  • Remote issue resolution in real-time for any remote troubleshooting & issue resolution
  • System optimization & advanced fine-tuning results in even smarter buildings and happier occupants
  • Custom daylight mapping tailors automatic tinting using custom maps for obstructions and room layouts.
  • Dynamic glare control automatically adjusts tinting in response to light level changes from passing clouds, etc.
  • Automation tuning assists building managers with tuning their building automation behaviors
  • Yearly on-site system checkup to analyze system performance and assist building managers
  • Pre-install support with design and drawings means we make it easy to incorporate
  • Halio glass by helping you design and specify framing systems, wire routing, and control system diagrams, configurations and schematics, as well as identifying optimum glazings, zone design, and even assisting with the review of final dimensions and materials needed
  • Performance modeling allows us to share how much energy your project can save every year by using glass performance modeling that’s tailored to your project goals and climate.


Halio Security Architecture Leverages Industry Standards and Best Practices

Halio combines advanced glazing with Internet Protocol (IP) technology to make
buildings responsive to the needs of its users for a greener, healthier, and more efficient
building environment. Each Halio window has a private IP address, giving occupants
greater control of their environments while boosting their health and wellness and
maximizing a building’s energy efficiency. We take a holistic approach in managing an
entire building’s Halio system to ensure the highest level of security possible.

Triple Layer Protection

Security was a top focus in the development of Halio. The Halio Gateway, which
connects to the Ethernet network on the premises, is responsible for all external
communications and control of the window drivers and the Tint Selectors. All
communications to the Halio Gateway flows through the Halio Cloud over secure
channels. Gateway and mesh network device communications at a Halio site are
isolated – a significant factor contributing to the strength of Halio security. Within the
Halio topology, there are three layers of protection built-in.

  1. For user authentication, OAuth2 provides a simple, standard, and secure method of validating users.
  2. For the communication path between the cloud and a Halio Gateway, TLS secures data transfers, commands, API access, and secures the messaging service.
  3. For privileged connections to the Halio glass, a secret key hardens both API access as well as thread device commissioning.