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Taiwan’s green building technology attracts foreign investors

Taiwan's reputation as a force in green building technology is attracting the interest of foreign investors. Earlier this month, US startup Kinestral Technologies opened its first factory on the island to produce energy efficient glass panels. Victoria Jen reports.


米Kinestral Technologies(以下、キネストラル)は10月4日、独自技術によるスマート調光ガラス「ヘイリオ」の大規模生産工場を台湾の苗栗県に完成させ、本格稼働を開始した。また、それに合わせて工場設備とヘイリオが設置されたデモ用スタジオを報道陣に公開した。

Taiwan aims to become Asia’s green building hub

As Taiwan pushes hard to make its buildings more eco-friendly, homegrown companies are developing new technologies to help realise that vision.


This Week in Tech

Oct 5, 2018

Hayward, Calif.–based Kinestral Technologies has opened its first factory in Taiwan, which will produce its Halio Smart-Tinting Glass panels in sizes up to 5 feet wide by 10 feet long. The 100,000-square-foot factory will join forces with Kinestral's existing manufacturing facility in California to meet global production demands.

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