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Smart-Tinting Windows Are Coming to an Office Near You

We get excited anytime we see something from a Sci-Fi movie come to life in the real world – Sci-Fi into Sci-Fact if you will. Kinestral, a company out of San Francisco, has recently launched Halio, voice-activated, smart-tinting windows. We talk to the Director of Product Management, Craig Henricksen, about this technology and say goodbye to blinds.

South S.F. glass manufacturer inks $100M deal with Foxconn subsidiary for ‘smart glass’

South San Francisco glass manufacturer Kinestral Technologies will partner with a subsidiary of Chinese giant Foxconn Technology Group to create "smart-tinting" glass via a total investment of $100 million.

Bay Area’s Kinestral, View see clear future in smart windows

Kinestral Technologies employee Craig Henricksen told the conference room windows to switch from clear to tinted. Less than five minutes later the room got darker, without him having to move an inch or close any shades.


Smart-tinting tech throws shade on clear glass shortfalls

Along with concrete, glass continues to push the building material boundaries as smart product makers look to embed technologies, performance sensors and environmental controls into the structure and substrate of the built environment.